What We Love

The people of Banff have come to this spot seeking warm, nourishing comfort food since the late 1800s. We feel that lineage every morning. We're devoted to our cornerstones—loaves and baguettes of rye, sourdough, whole wheat, and gluten-reduced blends—but we're also devoted to play. We incorporate the best of our local mountain bounty in fruit, cheese, nuts and seeds.

As we mix, measure, and knead, we see friends meeting here. This place has a heartbeat, and we love the community that collects around the warmth of our ovens. We accompany our bread with everything else that makes for great comfort and conversation: hearty breakfasts, delicious soups, warm sandwiches, and—of course—excellent coffee.

We are independent, proud, and passionate. Energy rises into art. This is what we love.